Help Needed: Trans women in China Keep Dying

In China, transgenders face a life-threatening situation that puts our existence at risk. In December 2022, the Chinese government banned hormone replacement therapy (HRT) by banning HRT-related medicines at sale points[1] [2] [10] and forbidding the transgendering practice in education organizations, such as high schools and universities[13] [16]. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China is supervising the crime cases of being so-called “illegal transfemales”[14]. The school and universities are focusing on eliminating illegal transgendering activities on campus[16]. The producer of HRT medicines said they might stop producing hormone products[15]. Those policies have resulted in the deaths of several dozen transgender [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]. A website [11] has been created to document some of their stories after they passed away.

From January 1, 2023 to the present, there are at least 58 transgenders lost their lives, averaging out to one person every day. My knowledge is limited to those who had a Twitter account or were active on QQ. On Twitter, there have been 21 confirmed deaths among transgender individuals, and in my other social circles, mainly on QQ, there have been 37 confirmed deaths. This is an unprecedented and devastating loss of life, and it is heartbreaking to think about the countless others who have suffered and passed away beyond the scope of my knowledge. These individuals were someone’s friends, family members, and loved ones, and their loss is a profound tragedy that must not be ignored.

The situation for transgender individuals in China is dire, with ongoing erasure of lives and increasing deaths happening right now. The government’s persecution and discrimination against transgender is unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.

As a member of the transgender community, I am all too familiar with the dire situation, which highlights the urgent need for help and protection. Every day, Chinese transgenders, including myself[12], are facing threats and losing lives. It is imperative that the international community takes action and offers support in our fight for survival. The loss of so many lives is a tragedy that cannot be ignored, and it is imperative that action is taken to support us from this ongoing persecution.

All we ask for is a chance to live.

Chunqing “Jyn” Shan



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